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Reversing Physical Aging ( 1089 Page Book )


This book will help to discover how to reset or reduce all the important aspects of physical aging of the head, hair, face and the 5 senses- vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. This is a practical guide full of ready to use information for medical therapies that reverse physical aging signs, and it assesses the efficiency of each treatment.

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In this complete new textbook “Reversing Physical Aging”, discover how to reset or reduce all aspects of physical aging of the head – hairface – and the 5 senses – visionhearingsmelltaste and touch. This practical guide is full of ready-to-use information for medical therapies that reverse each physical aging signs and assesses the efficiency of each treatment. “Reversing physical aging” is the best way to make your patients healthier.

Reversing physical aging is not just an aesthetical goal.

Any physical sign of aging should alert the individual that something is going wrong in the body. Looking older than ages 25-30 years is the consequence of a poorer health status, which is largely due to correctable hormone deficiencies and, to a lesser extent, nutritional deficits.


«A textbook full of innovative information on the reverse-aging process.»

“Reversing aging” challenges a prominent taboo in the medical world. Both the title and the content of the book tell us that we can not only prevent a great part of aging, but once aging appears, we can now reverse it.

In my experience, the average patient can, in three to six months, initially reverse aging by 5 years. Some patients with more time and therapies might go farther, beyond 10–15 years.”

 Reversing Physical Aging is the practical and complete medical textbook every physician needs.

The textbook has four main characteristics that make it invaluable to physicians: the applicability of the therapies (a practical guide on how to reverse almost any physical sign of aging), the completeness of the topics, the scientific evidence (extensive list of references), and the abundance of innovative information indispensable to the reverse-aging process. Most of the information is not found in any other book.

“In 20–30 years, we will be able to reverse aging completely. This textbook is the first step to it, a major step.”