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The peptide bioregulator revolution book


The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution book By Marios Kyriazis, M.D.

The use of bioactive peptides for aging and health.

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The peptide bioregulator revolution- The use of bioactive peptides for aging and health.

A new revolution in healthcare has begun to take place. It is the understanding that short-chain peptides, of the types found in different food groups, are recognised by the body as highly specific gene switches.

In other words, they interact with DNA to signal protein synthesis that leads to repair and care for many body tissues and glands. They are known as peptide bioregulators.

This truly has revolutionary consequences, particularly as the understanding of what specific genes in a highly specific manner, it therefore presents an incredible opportunity to use them- to bring precision into all our health regimes. At the very least peptide bioregulators represent antiaging medicine at its best; some physicians are even suggesting that using short-chain peptides could be as effective as biodentical hormone therapies, but without their side-effects and contradictions.

The ‘peptide biomarker revolution’ will describe this topic to you, so that you can be ready to take advantage of the next wave in health, aging and longevity.